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Dark Universe

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The Dark Universe is a series of monster films that are being developed and distributed by Universal Pictures. The Dark Universe serves as rebooted versions of past monster films that take place in a shared universe.


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Films The MummyBride of Frankenstein (unreleased)Untitled Creature from the Black Lagoon film (unreleased)Untitled Invisible Man film (unreleased)Untitled Van Helsing film (unreleased)Untitled Wolf Man film (unreleased)Untitled Frankenstein film (unreleased)Untitled Dracula film (unreleased)Untitled Phantom of the Opera film (unreleased)Untitled Hunchback of Notre Dame film (unreleased)
Comics and manga The Mummy: Dark Stories
Video games The Mummy: Prodigium StrikeThe Mummy: Dark Universe StoriesThe Mummy Demastered
Live attractions The Mummy Escape GameThe Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience
Soundtracks The Mummy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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