"Who are you?"
"I'm a doctor. My name is Jekyll, Henry Jekyll."
Nick Morton and Dr. Henry Jekyll[src]

Dr. Henry Jekyll is the head of the mysterious organization Prodigium. Jekyll is also the host of his monstrous alter-ego Edward Hyde.


Birth of Hyde

Sometime after becoming leader of Prodigium, Dr. Jekyll tried an experiment to remove all evil impulses from himself. Unfortunately, the experiment failed, and Dr. Jekyll was forced to inject himself with a serum every couple of hours or risk transforming into a monstrous alter-ego that developed as a result of the experiments: Edward Hyde.[2] As such, with the help of Prodigium's chief of security, Malik, Dr. Jekyll upgraded his office to keep Hyde contained should the worst happen.[3]

Ahmanet's Campaign

Discovery in the Crossrail

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Capturing Ahmanet

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Duel in Jekyll's Office

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After Ahmanet's Defeat

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Abilities and Powers


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Appearances for Henry Jekyll
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Behind the Scenes

Henry Jekyll was portrayed in The Mummy by Russell Crowe.[1][4]


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