Set is the Egyptian god of death, storms, and chaos.



In 2983 B.C., Princess Ahmanet was promised by her father King Menehptre that she would be queen after his death. However, Menehptre later bore a son, which left Ahmanet, a woman, ineligible to claim the throne. A vengeful Ahmanet snuck into her parents' bedroom and murdered them one-by-one.[1]

Ahmanet used her family's blood to summon Set, which left Ahmanet cursed but incredibly powerful, hoping to find Set a mortal man to inhabit in order to rule the world. Ahmanet attempted to sacrifice her lover to Set using the Dagger of Set; however, the temple priests found out about Ahmanet's actions, slew her lover, and mummified her alive, leaving Ahmanet for dead for 5000 years.[1]


In 2017, Ahmanet's sarcophagus was inadvertently discovered by Nick Morton. Morton and his team retrieved Ahmanet's sarcophagus, intending to take it to London. However, the curse that Set had placed on Ahmanet allowed her to escape her captors, leaving Ahmanet to roam free again.[1]

Duel in the Crossrail

Ahmanet attempted to sacrifice Nick Morton to Set; however, Morton used the Dagger of Set on himself, fusing himself with the god. Morton used Set's power to resurrect Jennifer Halsey and Chris Vail, both of whom had been killed by Ahmanet, before leaving with Vail to go on more adventures.[1]


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Abilities and Powers



  • Dagger of Set: This dagger would allow Ahmanet to fuse Set with a mortal human male, allowing Set to inhabit the man's body. The dagger was powered via a ruby in the pommel, which was destroyed when Nick Morton fused himself with Set.[1]


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Set was portrayed in The Mummy by Javier Botet.