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The following is a comprehensive timeline of events within the Dark Universe.


  1. Unless confirmed otherwise, a movie is assumed to take place starting on its United States release date. For example, since The Mummy was released on June 9, 2017, it is assumed that the events of The Mummy began on that day.
  2. Video games set in the universe will not be included here, as they contradict the universe continuity that has been established by the movies.

Dark Universe Timeline

3000's B.C.

2983 B.C.

  • Assassination of Menehptre
    • A son is born to Menehptre. Ahmanet, now unable to inherit the title of pharaoh, murders Menehptre and her brother, using their blood as well as her own to summon Set, promising to find him a mortal man to inhabit so that they may rule the world as king and queen. Ahmanet attempts to sacrifice her lover to Set, but Menehptre's priests kill him before she can. Ahmanet is mummified alive and sealed in a tomb, and is assumed dead for 5000 years.[1]



  • June 9, 2017
    • Battle of Mosul
    • Retrieval of Ahmanet's sarcophagus
      • Morton and co. uncover Ahmanet's sarcophagus, planning to take the sarcophagus to London. However, Ahmanet summons a group of camel spiders, one of which bites Vail. After loading the sarcophagus on the plane, Vail becomes possessed by Ahmanet and kills Greenway, attempting to attack the crew before Morton is forced to shoot him dead. Ahmanet summons a wave of crows to attack the plane, which causes the plane to crash, killing the entire crew save for Jennifer Halsey, who was saved by Morton at the last minute.[1]
    • Reawakening of Ahmanet
      • Ahmanet is reawakened by absorbing the life energy of two emergency workers.[1]
  • June 10, 2017
    • Nick Morton wakes up in a morgue in Oxford without a scratch on his body. He is discovered by Jennifer Halsey.[1]
    • Capture of Ahmanet
      • At a bar, Morton encounters the ghost of Chris Vail, who explains that Ahmanet has put a curse on him. He later encounters Ahmanet in an alleyway, but Morton escapes from her thanks to Halsey. Ahmanet later captures Morton and plans to use the Dagger of Set to kill him and place Set inside his body. A brief chase ensues, after which Ahmanet is captured by Prodigium.[1]
  • June 11, 2017
    • Duel in Jekyll's Office
      • Nick Morton meets Dr. Henry Jekyll, the leader of Prodigium, who explains the situation to Morton. However, Jekyll forgets to take a serum that prevents his monstrous alter-ego, Edward Hyde, from appearing, and Hyde attempts to kill Morton. Eventually, Morton manages to put the serum inside of Jekyll's body, restoring him to normal.[1]
    • Attack on London
    • Duel in the Crossrail
      • Ahmanet manages to drown Halsey in order to force Morton to submit to her. However, Morton breaks free of Ahmanet's control and stabs himself with the Dagger, fusing himself with Set. Morton proceeds to battle Ahmanet and sucks the life out of her, turning her into a shriveled mummy. Morton resurrects Halsey, but fearing that he will lose control of Set, runs away.[1]

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